Taberna La Trucha

A tavern of tradition!

Taberna La Trucha, For decades a benchmark in the center of Madrid

Our menu

Portions and Tapas

Shrimp «tortillita»

Ham croquettes

Prawn croquettes

Mussels gratin

Pickled mussel (in Season)

Anchovies in vinegar

Baby squids

Squid rings

Russian salad

Grilled artichokes (in season)

Fried eggplant (with sugar cane)

Skewered diced pork

Grill vegetable with goat cheese

Grilled wild mushrooms with ham shavings

Grilled mushrooms

Grilled asparagus

Baby beens (with egg or ham)

Grilled «Padrón» green peppers

Toasts & Sandwiches

Squid sandwich

Iberian ham toast

Smoked anchovy toast on avocado bed

Iberian pork toast, goat cheese and caramelized onion

Cheeses and Iberian sausages

acorn-fed Iberian ham

Iberian ham

Manchego cheese

Iberian sausages and ham assortment

Smoked fish canapès

Assortment of smoked fish canapès

Smoked salmon canapè

Smoked anchovy canapè

Cod patè canapè

Smoked trout canapè

Eggs & «Tortillas»

Broken eggs with whitebait

Broken eggs with ham

Broken eggs with sausages

Cod «tortilla»

Spanish «tortilla»


House salad

Avocado and prawn salad

Burrata salad, semi-dry tomatoes and pesto

Tomato salad with tuna belly

Cod salad and roasted red peppers


Seafood Soup




Garlic Soup


Oxtail stew

Chops of sucling lamb

Free-range chicken with garlic

Lamb sweetbreads with garlic

Batter lamb brains (weekend only)

Sirloin Steak


Grilled Emperor

Trout «Truchana» stye

Line-caught hake with roasted red peppers

Prawns with prawns

Octopus, grilled or Galian style

Assortment of fried fish

Fried fish

Calamari Andalucian style

Baby squid

Fried anchovies

Fried flounders Andalucian style

Red mullets

“Soldaditos de Pavía” Madrid cod fish

Calamari tentacles

“Bienmesabe” marinated dice emperor

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